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Find everything you need in OECD’s global knowledge base featuring OECD books and papers published since 1998, as well as a vast collection of statistics.

Browse and purchase individual OECD publications in print and PDF format. Check out our comprehensive set of definitions of the main data items collected by the OECD, key terminology and concepts, and commonly used acronyms.

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Interactive Data Tools

Create Your Better Life Index

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Your Better Life Index allows you to visualize well-being outcomes according to your priorities. See how life compares to users in other countries based on what matters most to you!

Download the OECD Info App

OECD Info App

The official OECD Info app gives you access to the latest news, publications and discussions from the OECD. Watch videos on topics like agriculture and trade and get a better understanding of how policies that affect your life are made.

Explore OECD Data Lab

OECD Data Lab

The OECD Data Lab is your chance to participate in shaping the future of how OECD data is presented online.

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 Bribery and corruption

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 Corporate governance

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Industry and entrepreneurship  Regional, rural and urban development Trade      


 Innovation  Regulatory reform      


 Insurance and pensions       


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