The OECD Washington Center is one of four regional OECD offices (the others being in Berlin, Mexico City, and Tokyo) that support outreach efforts from OECD headquarters in Paris. The Center acts as a key liaison to the United States and Canada, working on a daily basis with government and the legislature, as well as with regional contacts and thought leaders in business, labor, civil society, academia, and the media to promote and provide the OECD’s trusted analysis, testimony, and data. The Washington Center is also a resource for accessing and navigating OECD publications, research, and policy work.


Activities in the US and Canada

The OECD Washington Center team hosts a range of specialized briefings and public events which provide an opportunity to learn from and interact with leading OECD economists and experts on a diverse range of economic, social and global issues. For more information, check out the Washington Center's events, or see the list of upcoming publication releases.

If you have an inquiry, are looking for an OECD expert to speak at your event, or would like to join our mailing list, please contact our Public Affairs staff.

For the latest news specific to the US and Canada, see the Washington Center's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter). For global releases and a calendar of upcoming reports, please visit our HQ newsroom.

We invite journalists to embed our data and visualizations download and use our Flickr high resolution photos for print or web, and to link to or embed our explanatory videos as appropriate. 


The Sales and Marketing team is responsible OECD iLibrary trainings, subscriptions and renewals, and customer queries. OECD iLibrary Trainings are offered on-site, or via Webinar. For more information, please contact Sales & Marketing Manager, Iain Williamson, (+1 202 822-3870). The team also represents the organization at a variety of conferences through the year in the U.S and Canada. 


OECD Forum

T‌he OECD Forum is held at OECD Headquarters each year to coincide with the annual OECD Ministerial Council Meeting. The Forum is major international stakeholder summit where heads of state and government, CEOs and civil society leaders gather to debate the most pressing social and economic challenges confronting society. 




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