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Review of Higher Education Institutions in Regional Development 2008-10: The Paso del Norte Region, US-Mexico




The OECD Review Report of the Paso del Norte region is available here.


The executive summary is available here.


The Paso del Norte Region is the largest metropolitan area on the US-Mexican border, with Ciudad Juárez as a major manufacturing centre. However, the economic performance on both sides of the border region is below the OECD average. The long-term competitiveness of the region is under a threat due to ongoing violence, brain drain and environmental degradation.


The ability to fuel local growth by cultivating relevant skills is the best guarantee that Paso del Norte will thrive in future. A globally competitive region needs to have a highly skilled workforce and knowledge-based economy. To break out of the low skill/low wage economy, Paso del Norte needs to improve educational attainment levels on both sides of the border. It will also need to foster new business formation
and provide jobs and entrepreneurial skills to higher education graduates. This publication explores a range of helpful policy measures and institutional reforms to mobilise higher education for regional development.


Key issues in the Paso del Norte Region


  • Widening access to HE
  • Integration of the Hispanic population in the English-speaking HE sector
  • Life-long learning opportunities (also for those without post-secondary education)
  • Higher education funding
  • Increasing the high school graduation rate

Labour market

  • Employment opportunities for college graduates
  • Skills development in workforce development policy
  • Co-ordination of the workforce development policy with the HEIs in the region


More about the Paso del Norte Region, its higher education institutions, and the HEIs' role in regional development


Regional Co-ordinator in the Paso del Norte Region


Lisa Colquitt-Muñoz
Deputy Chief Operating Officer
The Paso del Norte Group
201 E. Main, Suite 1700
El Paso, Texas 79901

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