United States

OECD Conference on E-consumers


Empowering E-Consumers: Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Internet Economy


Held in Washington, D.C., on 8-10 December 2009

The world of electronic commerce has evolved dramatically since 1999, when the OECD issued its first Guidelines for e-Consumer Protection . How effective are they 10 years later? What new opportunities, obstacles and risks  face e-consumers? How can consumer trust be strengthened?  Senior government officials from OECD and non-member economies, representatives from business, civil society, international organisations, and academics discussed these and related issues at the Conference.  

Key topics

• E-commerce trends and the outlook

• Role and effectiveness of international guidelines
• E-commerce regulatory frameworks
• New developments in B2C commerce
• Mobile commerce
• Consumer-to-consumer online transactions
• Online digital products issues
• Participative web issues


On 8 December, in the morning, civil society and the business community met to discuss issues in advance of the conference.






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