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Policy paper: Why we need to work more effectively in fragile states (January 2005)

Policy paper: Fighting poverty to build a safer world: a strategy for security and development (March 2005)

Conflict Prevention

Understanding conflict prevention and peace-building:

Governance and participation:

Security system reform (including justice):

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Environment, conflict and peace:

Fragile States:

Defining difficult partnerships or fragile states:

  • Defining Difficult Environments for Poverty Reduction (DFID, 2004) -  This paper summarises some of the main definitions that have been used to describe 'difficult partnerships', 'weak and failing states', and similar categories.  It argues that institutional capacity and political will are central features of most definitions, and useful for understanding what degree of 'stateness' is required for poverty reduction partnerships.

 Service delivery in fragile states:

Other relevant documents:

  • Aid Instruments in Fragile States (DFID, 2005) - This draft paper for consultation argues that we need an improved approach to the selection of aid instruments in fragile states based on promising experiences in many different contexts.
  • How Important Are Difficult Environments to Achieving the MDGs? (DFID, 2004) - This paper examines three different attempts to categorise states as fragile, and on the basis of a common list, quantifies the importance of fragile states for each Millennium Development Goal.  The headline message is that fragile states are estimated to contain 28-35% of all people on less than $1 per day, as well as 41-51% of all children dying before the age of 5, although these states contain only 16% of the population in developing countries.


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