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Engaging Employers and Developing Skills at the Local Level in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

The success of skills development activities through both on- and off-the job training often depends on the participation of employers. This OECD report on Northern Ireland, United Kingdom identifies a number of innovative programmes that aim to better engage employers in the design and delivery of training. It also looks at the role of local district councils in working closer with employers to better understand and address their skills challenges. A key part of the project was the implementation of a survey to gather information from Northern Irish employers about their skills needs and barriers to apprenticeship participation. The report offers a number of recommendations for improving business-education partnerships in emerging sectors of the Northern Ireland economy.

Published on February 08, 2019

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Executive Summary
Assessment and Recommendations
Recent economic and labour market trends in Northern Ireland
Understanding firm dynamics and skills in Northern Ireland
Implementing employer engagement strategies in Northern Ireland
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