Economic Survey - Turkey 2004


Executive summary

The OECD assessment and recommendations on the main economic challenges faced by Turkey are available by clicking on each chapter heading below.

Achieving strong and sustainable growth

What are the key challenges for achieving strong and sustainable growth? How to strengthen macroeconomic confidence and reduce risk premia? How to improve the quality and efficiency of public spending? How to establish an open and non-discriminatory business environment? How to achieve sustainable development objectives more efficiently?

Macroeconomic policies: strengthening confidence and reducing risk premia

Did post-crisis disinflation and fiscal consolidation prove to be expansionary? Is public debt sustainability improving? Was strong output growth job-poor? What drives the growth of the current account deficit?

Improving the quality and cost-efficiency of public expenditure

What was behind the drift of public expenditures in the last decade? Are core public services and institutions now adequately funded?  Will a new public expenditure management system improve the quality of fiscal consolidation? What are the expected benefits and risks of the planned administrative decentralization?

See also ECO Working Paper 418 Reforming Turkey's public expenditure management

Establishing an open and non-discriminatory business environment

How to foster job-creation and growth in the registered business sector? How to increase foreign direct investment? How to formalize the unregistered enterprises? How to downscale the state-owned sector? How to upgrade agriculture?

Sustainable development

How to face challenges concerning climate change, air pollution and the utilization of water and land resources?

A printer-friendly Policy Brief  (pdf format) may also be downloaded. The Policy Brief contains the OECD assessment and recommendations, but does not include all of the charts available from the above pages.

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