• 9-September-2014

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    Education at a Glance 2014: Turkey

    Below upper secondary attainment levels have decreased while upper secondary attainment and graduation rates have remained stable.

  • 3-September-2014

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    OECD Employment Outlook 2014 - Key findings for Turkey

    The OECD Employment Outlook 2014 finds that while the impact of the global crisis was initially severe for Turkey, it was shorter than in the rest of the OECD area and there was a much sharper rebound. The unemployment rate was 9.1% in the first quarter of 2014 in Turkey, still above the OECD average (7.3%), but lower than in the pre-crisis period (9.4% in Q4 2007).

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  • 10-July-2014


    Economic Survey of Turkey 2014

    Business dynamism has underpinned inclusive growth in the 2000s. Strong growth without widening external imbalances calls for structural reform in the business sector to boost productivity and allow firms to better compete in export markets and at home.

  • 3-July-2014


    OECD Health Statistics 2014 - Country Notes

    Specific country notes have been prepared using data from the database OECD Health Statistics 2014, June 2014 version. The notes are available in PDF format.

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  • 15-April-2014


    Taxing Wages: Country note for Turkey

    The average worker in Turkey faced a tax burden on labour income (tax wedge) of 38.6% in 2013 compared with the OECD average of 35.9%. Turkey was ranked 16 of the 34 OECD member countries in this respect.

  • 18-March-2014

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    Society at a Glance 2014 - Key findings for Turkey

    This note presents key findings for Turkey from Society at a Glance 2014 - OECD Social indicators. This 2014 publication also provides a special chapter on: the crisis and its aftermath: a “stress test” for societies and for social policies.

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  • 21-February-2014


    Going for Growth 2014: Turkey

    Turkey has demonstrated good resilience during the financial and economic crisis though growth has been slowing more recently. Policy challenges include addressing infrastructure shortfalls, improving access to quality education, and achieving a better balance in social protection in order to foster job creation and employment in the formal sector.

  • 20-June-2013


    Education at a Glance 2013 - Country notes and key fact tables

    Education at a Glance 2013 - Country notes and key fact tables

  • 1-August-2012


    OECD Review of Regulatory Reform: Turkey

    The OECD Review of Regulatory Reform in Turkey presents an overall picture, set within a macro-economic context, of regulatory achievements and challenges including regulatory quality, competition policy, and market openness.

  • 11-June-2012


    Senior budget official country reviews of budgeting systems

    The objective of senior budget official country reviews is to provide a comprehensive overview of the budget process in the country under examination, to evaluate national experiences in the light of international best practice and to provide specific policy recommendations.

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