OECD Global Forum on Trade

OECD Global Forum on Trade 2022

Sustainable and resilient supply chains: Trade policy and policies for Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) in a changing environment

Paris, France | 18 October 2022

Open markets and a rules-based international trading system in good working order are an essential driver of sustainable and resilient supply chains. Ongoing disruptions, however, continue to subject global supply chains to unprecedented levels of stress and threaten the benefits of trade and the trust placed by countries in international production networks. Current shocks compound pre-existing structural changes in supply chains driven by the twin digital and green transitions. Firms and governments therefore face the challenge of building sustainable and resilient supply chains in an uncertain and changing environment.

The OECD Trade Committee has responded to this challenge by identifying key steps to anticipate risks, minimize exposure to shocks, build public-private trust and keep markets open. Within this framework, Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) has emerged as an important means of ensuring the sustainability of supply chains in terms of resilience, security, environmental and social impacts.

The objective of the Global Forum will be to promote better coherence and synergies between policies aimed at improving the resilience and sustainability of supply chains, including policies for RBC, and to improve understanding of how a more integrated approach to policy making can strengthen the resilience, security and sustainability of global supply chains.

OECD Global Forums on Trade

The OECD Global Forums on Trade bring together trade policy makers, academics, industry representatives and other experts from OECD and non-OECD countries to exchange views on current trade policy issues. It is often with a focus on issues of importance in trade relations between developed and developing countries and on the role of the international community in supporting developing countries with their integration efforts.

The Global Forum on Trade conference series is organised under the auspices of the OECD’s Trade Committee in support of its objective to “improve understanding of the benefits and costs of further trade liberalisation, so as to increase support for an open, rules-based multilateral trading system".

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