Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes

Assistance on Confidentiality and Data Safeguards



Taxpayers expect governments to treat their personal data with the highest standards of care. The standards on exchange of information, including AEOI, therefore require countries to have laws that ensure the confidentiality and safeguarding of data, and require tax authorities to have information security management (ISM) arrangements that adhere to international good practice standards. The Global Forum has put in place multilateral assessment processes that provide its members assurance that their information exchange partners continuously apply the standards.

The Secretariat provides technical assistance to Global Forum members, where necessary, on a range of confidentiality and ISM topics to ensure that they fully meet the requirements. Furthermore, in line with the Global Forum’s Plan of Action for Developing Countries’ Participation in AEOI, intensive support is available for developing country members, who can benefit from a pre-assessment of their ISM framework. The pre-assessments are to identify whether improvements are necessary and to help developing country members implement real‌istic action plans to fully address the requirements of AEOI. Assistance with the other requirements of AEOI – legislation, treaties and administrative systems – is provided in parallel.

Background information and guidance material:

Plan of Action for Developing Countries’ Participation in AEOIConfidentiality and Information Security Management Toolkit

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