Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes

The framework for the full AEOI reviews: the Terms of Reference


As part of the Global Forum's mandate to ensure the effective implementation of tax transparency standards worldwide, the Global Forum will conduct peer reviews of the effectiveness of the implementation of the AEOI Standard starting in 2020.


As a first step, the Global Forum has adopted a Terms of Reference to use in the peer reviews of the implementation of the AEOI Standard. The Terms of Reference incorporate aspects in relation to both the legal implementation of the AEOI Standard and its effective operation in practice.


With regard to the domestic and international legal frameworks being put in place to implement the AEOI Standard, the Global Forum has already been conducting assessments under the "Staged Approach" to monitor, assess and assist the implementation of the Standard. The Global Forum is now working on the Methodology with which to conduct the AEOI peer reviews in relation to the effectiveness of the implementation of the AEOI Standard in practice. This will incorporate lessons learned from the early exchanges as well as build on the assessments that have already been conducted.


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