Global relations and development

Taxation and Development Co-operation



We help donors to improve their support to tax system development.

A recent study by the OECD and the International Tax Compact (ITC) on Examples of Successful DRM Reforms and the Role of International Co-operation (Joint ITC/OECD Discussion Paper, July 2015) confirms that mobilising domestic resources has an impact on development. 


The programme also monitors total international support to tax systems development through the OECD/DAC aid statistics, including the Addis Tax Initiative’s commitment to collectively double donor spending on tax matters by 2020 and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation’s DRM-related Initiatives, which were launched at the Mexico High-Level Meeting in April 2014.


In partnership with the ITC, the Task Force has set out the practical steps donor countries can take to support the development of effective and equitable tax systems in developing countries.

Learning from these experiences has led to the formulation of a set of Principles which offer guidance for all stakeholders on how to work together to support host country-led domestic resource mobilisation efforts.


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