Signing of the OECD-AFIP MoU establishing a centre of the Academy for Tax and Financial Crime Investigation in Argentina


Remarks by Angel Gurría

OECD Secretary-General

Buenos Aires, Argentina -  22 July 2018 

(As prepared for delivery) 




Dear Minister Dujovne, Dear Commissioner Cuccioli, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to welcome you to this signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding between the OECD and the Federal Administration of Public Revenues, establishing the OECD Latin America Academy for Tax and Financial Crime Investigation.


This new Academy will further strengthen what is known as the OECD’s Oslo Dialogue, which was established in 2011 to promote a global and “whole of government” approach to tackle tax and financial crimes. It is organised around three essential pillars: first, international cooperation including through exchange of information among tax administrations. Second, better domestic inter-agency cooperation so that tax and other law enforcement agencies work more closely together to harness their collective expertise to tackle these crimes. The third pillar, which is also key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by fostering domestic resource mobilisation, involves in-depth capacity building.


The establishment of the Latin America Academy marks another important step in the fight against tax and financial crimes, building on the success of the first Academy established in 2014, with the Italian Guardia di Finanza in Ostia, Italy.


Last year, with the support of the German G20 and of Italy again, we launched the first pilot programmes of a new Africa Academy, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Together, these initiatives have provided training to over 500 officials from close to 80 countries, including prosecutors, judges, financial analysts and of course tax inspectors in the latest financial investigation techniques. Building on these successes, the teams of Minister Dujovne and Commissioner Cuccioli asked us to explore the possibility of establishing another Academy for Latin America.


This Academy will be hosted in Buenos Aires, with the contribution of experts from Argentina, from the OECD, and from around the world, including experts from other regional and international organisations such as Interpol, the IMF and the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations.


I very much welcome the signing of this agreement, both for the benefits it can bring to the Latin America region in fighting tax and financial crimes, as well as for further deepening the already excellent relationship between Argentina and the OECD. Thank you.



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