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Inclusive Framework on BEPS: Progress Report July 2016-June 2017


Published 5 July 2017


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In response to the G20’s call for broad and consistent implementation of the BEPS package, the Inclusive Framework was established in June 2016, and in its first 12 months, we have seen 100 countries and jurisdictions become members.

This report by the Inclusive Framework presents the current state of play in progressing its mandate, covering the period from July 2016 to June 2017. Part 1 of the report sets out the progress made in implementation of the BEPS package, including the four minimum standards, and also highlights the impact on BEPS activities that these measures are already having. Part 2 outlines the work of the Inclusive Framework in this 12-month period: the establishment of the peer review processes, the ongoing standard-setting work and delivery of guidance on implementation, as well as the assistance being delivered, often in partnership with other international organisations and regional bodies, to ensure all countries and jurisdictions are supported in the BEPS implementation process.

This report was originally published as Annex 1 to the OECD Secretary-General Report to the G20 Leaders, which was released on 5 July 2017 in advance of the G20 Leaders meeting in Hamburg, Germany.


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