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Meetings of the inclusive framework bring officials of the members of the BEPS Project to discuss technical aspects of the implementation of the Project and to work on standard setting on remaining BEPS issues. The BEPS Project is a project of the Committee on Fiscal Affairs with a broad membership base. Each member participates on equal footing at CFA level and in the working parties.

The Inclusive Framework on BEPS will meet regularly, typically in January and late July. Working Parties and other subsidiary bodies covering the BEPS Project meet regularly throughout the year.

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  • Watch our regular OECD Tax Talks webcasts featuring OECD experts discussing BEPS updates.


Public Consultations


Regional Meetings

Regional meetings are a central part of the BEPS Project’s architecture and the inclusive framework. These meetings function to keep all countries updated with the most recent information, allowing them to share their comments and concerns, and have a voice into the project even if they are not present at Working Party meetings.


These meetings will be organised in partnership with the regional tax organisations. They will update participants on recent developments in the implementation of the BEPS package, discussing relevant issues addressed in the Working Party meetings, offering opportunities to countries that lack the resources to be able to participate in these meetings. They will provide an opportunity for countries to explain their individual positions, and will enable the outcomes of the discussions to be effectively reported in the working party meetings and have an impact in the overall process. These meetings will gather tax policy country experts and provide them with a common ground to discuss different views on a regional basis; this will provide delegates with a favourable environment for discussions where everybody can be heard.


These events will also include specific sessions in which external stakeholders will be able to contribute to the debate, such as, for example, business representatives, NGOs, development banks and agencies and regional entities that are interested.

New regional meetings will therefore be held in Africa, in Asia-Pacific, in Eastern Europe-Central Asia and in Latin America in the second half of 2016 and beyond. These regional events will:

  • Update participants on the recent developments in the implementation of the BEPS Packages by countries in specific regions.
  • Identify priorities and challenges to be fed into the Working Parties and the plenary of the Committee on Fiscal Affairs.
  • Build capacity within the region both through reinforcing the regional dialogue on this issue and by linking to and engaging with BEPS capacity building work by OECD and other providers.


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