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OECD Forum on Tax Administration launches a report highlighting the importance of managing reputational risk for successful tax administration


06/07/2020 - The OECD Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) today released a report on reputational risk management, highlighting its importance for protecting and enhancing tax compliance, including in the COVID-19 environment. The report, led by the Canada Revenue Agency and the FTA's Enterprise Risk Management Community of Interest, sets out the key considerations for developing and improving reputational risk management practices within tax administrations. It also introduces a reputational risk management maturity model, allowing administrations to self-assess their current capabilities and facilitating consideration of how and where improvements might be made. 


"Tax administrations more than ever have to ensure that they have the trust and respect of their taxpayer and stakeholder populations to achieve our objectives, something highlighted by the current crisis," said Bob Hamilton, Commissioner at the Canada Revenue Agency. "The joint work done with other FTA administrations on how to think about, measure and proactively address reputational risk will help to provide confidence and trust during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery, and could have long lasting positive impacts on the relationship between tax administrations and taxpayers."


"In the COVID-19 crisis tax administrations have been playing a central role in supporting taxpayers and the wider economy" said Pascal Saint-Amans, the Director of the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration. "While this may have had positive impacts on the reputation of tax administrations and on compliance attitudes, that can easily change, and potentially dramatically, in such a difficult and fluid environment and therefore requires both careful consideration and active management".


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