Sweden: achieving results for sustained growth - OECD country reviews of regulatory reform


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Publication Date: 30/03/2007
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This review analyses the Swedish institutional framework for better regulation. In recent years Sweden has made a remarkable recovery, benefiting from deregulation efforts undertaken in the early to mid 1990s. Sweden places a strong emphasis on high standards of social welfare and a strong governance framework, which foster consensus.

To preserve its ambitious social and environmental goals, Sweden needs to maintain its strong economic performance. A number of challenges should be addressed, such as the labour market, the performance of the public sector and the strengthening of competition. Entrepreneurship also should be stimulated, and further efforts have to be made to reduce administrative burdens.

To create momentum for reform, Sweden needs to promote a strategic vision, improve the process for impact assessment, and strengthen co-ordination between national and local levels of government. The benefits of reform need to be more widely understood by all stakeholders and citizens. Regulatory reform will help Sweden take advantage of globalisation and technological innovation, and meet the demands of citizens for high-quality public services.


Table of contents

Chapter 1. Performance and Apraisal
Chapter 2. Regulatory Governance
Chapter 3. Competition Policy
Chapter 4. Market Openness
Chapter 5. Multi-level Governance
Chapter 6. Environment

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