SWAC Strategy and Policy Group Meeting


International Energy Agency (IEA), Conference Room 2
18 - 19 June 2009

The Strategy and Policy Group  reviewed the implementation of the Sahel and West Africa Club's 2009 Work Programme (results achieved and main challenges) and discussed the orientations of the SWAC's 2010 Work Plan. Thematic presentations focused on West Africa's responses to the global economic crisis, regional aid effectiveness and various SWAC outreach tools and products. 

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Opening statement by Mr. François-Xavier de Donnea, SWAC President



Following an introduction by Mr. Normand Lauzon, SWAC Director (left side), Mr. de Donnea presented his vision of West Africa and SWAC work priorities which he aims to develop during his presidency.


Opening Statement by Mr. Mario Amano, OECD Deputy Secretary-General 


from left to right:

  • Mr. Mario Amano
  • Mr. Eric Burgeat, CCNM Director

Presentations by Ms Julia Wanjiru, SWAC Communications Officer

Presentations by Mr. Christophe Perret, SWAC Programme Officer



Presentation by Mr. Laurent Bossard, SWAC Deputy Director


Presentation by Mr. Jean Sibiri Zoundi, SWAC Head of Unit



Presentation by Mr. Massaer Diallo, SWAC Head of Unit


from left to right:
  • Mr. Normand Lauzon, SWAC Director
  • Mr. François-Xavier de Donnea, SWAC President
  • Mr. Mario Amano, OECD Deputy Secretary-General
  • Mr. Eric Burgeat, CCNM Director

from left to right:
  • Ms. Monika Tortschanoff, West and North Africa Section, Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
  • Ms. Renate von Boddien, German Delegate to the DAC
  • Mr. Normand Lauzon
  • Mr. François-Xavier de Donnea
from left to right:
  • Mr. Martin Peleman, Representative of the Belgium Chamber
  • Mr. Geert Deserranno, Advisor, International Co-operation, President of the DAC Working Group on Statistics
  • Ms. Monika Tortschanoff

from left to right:

  • Ms. Marie-Frédérique Roche, First Secretary, Canadian Embassy in Burkina Faso
  • Mr. Charles Bois d'Enghien, Advisor, Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Mr. Martin Pelemann
  • Mr. Geert Deserranno

from left to right:

  • Mr. Serge Snrech, Head of division on effectiveness and coherence of aid, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
  • Mr. Henderson Patrick, USAID Mission Director, Accra
from left to right:
  • Mr. Nicolas Zingg, Senior Advisor, Swiss Development Co-operation, West Africa Division
  • Ms. Claudia Cremers, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Africa Division
  • Mr. Luc Dockendorf,
    Secrétaire de Légation,
    Development Co-operation of Luxembourg
from left to right:
  • Mr. Mahmadou Cissokho, Honnorary President of ROPPA
  • Mr. Nicolas Zingg
from left to right:
  • Mr. Damadou Saliou Diouf
    First Counsellor, Embassy of Senegal
  • Dramane Milloho, Economic Counsellor, Embassy of Burkina Faso
from left to right:
  • Ms. Aminatou Gaoh,
    Counsellor, Embassy of Niger
  • Ms. Elizabeth Nyantakyi, Head of chancellery, Embassy of Ghana
  • Mr. Damadou Saliou Diouf
    Counsellor, Embassy of Senegal




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