Regional Challenges of West African Migration


African and European Perspectives

April 2009

ISBN: 978-92-64-05593-3


This publication presents contributions by international experts on various aspects of West African migration. It provides a contrasting perspective to current debates which essentially focus on security issues. This rather non-institutional approach promotes a constant dialogue based on analyses of the actual situation: the authors encourage "win-win" mobility for all parties involved (Europe, North Africa and West Africa), whether it be a host, transit or departure.


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1st Part: What are the Prospects for a West African Common Approach on Migration?

  • Chapter 1: Migration Management in West Africa within the context of ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons and the Common Approach on Migration: Challenges and Prospects, by Aderanti Adepo 
  • Chapter 2: The Co-operation on Readmission and Enforced Return in the African-European Context, by Jean-Pierre Cassarino
  • Chapter 3: Migration and Settlement Management in Sub-Saharan and West Africa, by Jean-Marie Cour
  • Chapter 4: Migration and Development in ECOWAS Countries: What Role for the Maghreb?, by Mehdi Lahlo
  • Chapter 5: Migration and Population in West Africa: Political Issues and Perspectives, by Dieudonné Ouedraogo
  • Chapter 6: Ecowas, an Area of Free Movement and First Border Post for the Schengen Area, by Nelly Robin

2nd Part: Case Studies of Mauritania and Senegal

  • Chapter 7: Mauritania: Restrictions on the “Return Effects” of Intense and Diverse Migratory Movements, by Ali Bensa
  • Chapter 8: Migrants Criminalised While Making the Journey by Mandiogou Ndiaye and Nelly Robin

3rd Part: Interventions and Interviews

  • Chapter 9: Niger – A Crossroads of African Migration Networks, Interview with Guy-Michel Bolouvi
  • Chapitre 10: Migration Towards and Transiting Through the Central Sahara: From
    International to Local Patterns and Practices, Interview with Julien Brachet
  • Chapter 11: The Relationship between Migration and Development, by Jean-Christophe Deberre
  • Chapter 12: A Few Questions for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Interview with the FCO


  • Annex A: Ecowas Common Approach on Migration
  • Annex B: Article 13 – Migration
  • Annex C:The Demo-Economic and Spatial Approach of WALTPS
  • Glossary


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