Side-meetings with personalities involved in the G20


In the margin of the RPCA, the SWAC Secretariat facilitated meetings between ECOWAS, UEMOA and CILSS leaders and key personalities involved in the G20.

These meetings helped to promote ongoing West African food security initiatives, including the creation of a Regional Food Reserve which was endorsed by the G20 under the French Presidency. Some promising ideas and proposals have emerged from these discussions, such as the invitation of West African representatives to participate in the next meeting of the G20 Summit Working Group in Los Cabos (Mexico) in early May.


Meeting with Mr. Rintaro Tamaki, OECD Deputy Secretary-General

from left to right: Prof. Alhousseini Bretaudeau, Mr. Laurent Bossard, Mr. Ibrahima Diémé, Mr. Rintaro Tamaki, Mr. Marc Atouga and Mr. Sibiri Jean Zoundi, SWAC Secretariat.


Meeting with Mr. Agustín Garcia-Lopez Loaeza, Ambassador of Mexico to the OECD


Meeting with Ms. Pascale Andreani, Ambassador of France to the OECD

Meeting with OECD representatives


  • Ms. Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20 (4th person from left);
  • Mr. Marcos Bonturi, Director ad interim, OECD Council and Executive Committee Secretariat, and Global Relations Secretariat (3rrd person from right);
  • Ms. Carmel Cahill, Senior Counselor, OECD Directorate for Trade and Agriculture (2nd person from right).

The West African Delegation also met with Mr. Sujiro Seam, Deputy Director, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate of Global Public Goods.



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