Tax & subsidise

Use tax and financial incentives to renovate existing buildings

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings in our cities, towns and villages can sharply reduce emissions. Adding low-carbon roof and wall insulation such as flax wool, upgrading appliances such as boilers, and double-glazing windows helps reduce the energy needed to heat, cool and electrify homes, factories and offices. Since buildings last for decades if not centuries, renovations made today can reduce emissions and costs over time.

Good practice examples are everywhere. Energiesprong is an international initiative that accelerates retrofit solutions to deliver net-zero energy homes at no additional cost for residents. In partnership with the German Energy Agency, an accelerator programme was launched in 2019 in Germany to financially support general contractors and housing providers up to EUR 180 000 to retrofit buildings. In addition, the programme offers coaching by international Energiesprong experts, workshops and pitch events. Energiesprong attracts funding through European Union funds, national sources and philanthropic contributions.



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