Ensure public procurement is green and invest in sustainable buildings

Governments can show the way by investing in green public procurement, requiring contractors to uphold sustainable practices and material use for large infrastructure projects such as schools, bridges and social housing. This not only addresses emissions but also encourages contractors, architects and planners to innovate with new low-carbon materials, methods and designs.

The Navarra Social Housing project in Spain, for example, aims to build 524 energy efficient social homes for rent, in line with their sustainable construction standard, between 2018 and 2021. These flats will achieve energy savings of up to 90% with nearly zero emissions, and create almost 300 jobs.

Setting rules and standards is key, as is the case in the Netherlands where only sustainable cement is allowed in building projects. To maximise innovation and sustainability in public procurement, the Netherlands uses the MEAT methodology - Most Economically Advantageous Tender - which rewards tenders that include reductions in emissions and a lower overall environmental impact.



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Copyright: Green buldings: Shutterstock/Arcansel