Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation

Shaping Policies for the Future of the Internet Economy


This report has been developed to support the objectives of the OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy (Seoul 17-18 June 2008). It links the Seoul Ministerial Declaration on the Future of the Internet Economy to the analytical work and policy guidance developed for the Ministerial by the OECD.


The aim of the Ministerial is to promote the Internet economy, a concept inclusive of the full range of economic, social and cultural activities supported by the Internet and related information and communication technologies. This report serves that objective by providing policy directions and guidance in 20 areas aimed at facilitating convergence, stimulating creativity, strengthening confidence, and expanding the opportunities for global economic, social and cultural development. It integrates work from five OECD Committees responsible for information and communication technologies, consumer policy, education, public governance, health and development. Policy guidance developed by OECD Committees in six areas has been produced for this report as well as three OECD Council Recommendations that express the common position of, or will of, the whole OECD membership and entail the political commitment of the Member countries to abide by these recommendations. This guidance and recommendations form an annex to this document that supports the Seoul Ministerial Declaration by setting it in a policy context.