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Virtual workshop on providing returns to investment in international co-creation



 18-19 May 2022  Virtual workshop



International co-creation, i.e. the process of the joint production of innovation between research, industry, and possibly other stakeholders, such as civil society, is increasingly important in a context of major transitions. In the course of effective co-creation processes, actors share research inputs – personnel, infrastructure, and data – and create research outputs, which include research data, technologies, and intellectual property, including new knowledge that has commercial or scientific application. This may take the form of patents or other intellectual property but can also result in know-how, software, data, or intangible knowledge. How the use and ownership of these innovation inputs and outputs are dealt with is critical for co-creation initiatives.

The workshop will feature perspectives from policy makers, industry experts, and researchers. It will explore global policy initiatives and discuss best practices that ensure participants from industry, research and broader society have the incentive to engage; it will also identify key questions that remain to be answered. This event, which is part of the on-going TIP work on Collaborative Transitions will provide inputs for an in-person workshop co-hosted by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the OECD’s Working Party on Innovation and Technology Policy (TIP) in 2023.

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