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Very Large Research Infrastructures: issues and options



 15 June 2022  Virtual workshop



Very Large Research Infrastructures (VLRIs) play a unique role in modern science. They are facilities that combine a degree of uniqueness (the RI is unique or quasi unique worldwide and provides world-leading capabilities), complexity (the RI is highly complex in its organisational structure, technology and/or operation and its scale is usually very large in terms of the required human and/or capital resources) and an international dimension (the RI possesses an international dimension which is reflected in its governance, its operational footprint and/or user base).

The objective of this activity is to provide options for facilitating the development, operation and use of VLRIs, to make these more responsive to global crisis or major disciplinary shifts, where possible, and to provide long-term perspectives for their development worldwide to decision-makers. In this first workshop, three major challeges will be investigated in more details, from the perspective of VLRI research managers:

  • Their governance, financing and business models, and short and long term implications on human resources management, intersectoral collaboration and partnerships and the networking with other RIs;
  • Their data management and delivery policies, investigating how these facilities can manage and provide access to extremely large amounts of data in the context of Open Science and of new and potentially non-expert user communities;
  • The evolution of their expected impacts, drawing lessons from the recent COVID-19 crisis, including how VLRIs may be mobilised to address global major challenges (such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)) and unexpected needs such as related to COVID-19.

The goal of this first workshop will be to explore interesting options and solutions developed by VLRIs regarding their governance, financing, data management and potential impact, based on the results of a survey conducted by the GSF among VLRI managers and on interesting case studies.  

WORKSHOP Documents




Session 1: The evolving models of governing and financing VLRIs

Session 2: Evolution of the expected impact of VLRIs

Session 3: Data management for VLRIs



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