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Very Large Research Infrastructures: issues and options - part 2



 17 Octobrer 2022  Hybrid workshop



Very Large Research Infrastructures (VLRIs) play a unique role in modern science. They are facilities that combine a degree of uniqueness (the RI is unique or quasi unique worldwide and provides world-leading capabilities), complexity (the RI is highly complex in its organisational structure, technology and/or operation and its scale is usually very large in terms of the required human and/or capital resources) and an international dimension (the RI possesses an international dimension which is reflected in its governance, its operational footprint and/or user base).

The objective of this activity is to provide options for facilitating the development, operation and use of VLRIs, to make these more responsive to global crisis or major disciplinary shifts, where possible, and to provide long-term perspectives for their development worldwide to decision-makers. In this second workshop, three major challeges will be investigated in more details, from the perspective of VLRI funders and decision-makers:

  • Their financing models, how these may include new options for negotiations and agreements, risk management, financial contingencies, in-kind and other types of contributions and valuation, and what strategies and/or mechanisms exist or are envisaged for balancing investments in national RIs vs. international RIs;
  • How to increase their impact through networks and synergies, investigating emerging expectations from stakeholders, how these facilities can cope with those new demands and maintain scientific excellence, and new approaches to the dynamic of ecosystems;
  • What are the long-term strategies regarding VLRIs, investigating the drivers for participating to these large and complex projects, how to harmonise national interests on the basis of common grounds and solidarity, how governments could work better together to jointly develop and decide on the needs for, and investment in, VLRIs by looking at their ecosystem, and what are the appropriate/desirable strategic instruments that can help develop future strategies.

The goal of this second workshop will be to explore interesting options and solutions developed by VLRIs regarding their financing, their ecosystems for broadened expected impact, and fiture policy strategies, based on the results of a survey conducted by the GSF among VLRI funders and decision-makers and on interesting case studies.  

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