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STI Outlook 2000: National Policies


... Monitoring of science, technology and innovation policies

A key aspect of the OECD's work is the monitoring and assessment of policies carried out by Member governments. Such monitoring takes place in various areas of the OECD work programme, including macro-economic policy, labour market policy, competition policy, and so on. The information contained on this page concerns OECD's monitoring in the area of science, technology and innovation policies. It examines whether OECD countries are implementing the recommendations of the 1998 Ministerial report on Technology, Productivity and Job Creation - Best Policy Practices (TPJ). It is also closely linked to previous OECD work in the context of the OECD Jobs Study, in particular the 1999 report on Implementing the OECD Jobs Strategy - Assessing Performance and Policy.

The monitoring study is based on a short questionnaire to Member countries. The purpose of this questionnaire was to compile information regarding policies being developed and recently implemented by Member countries, and any possible assessments of these policies. The questionnaire and the responses of 27 OECD Member countries and one observer country to the OECD Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy are attached (original language only). A synthesis of these responses, drawing broad policy conclusions and providing an overall assessment of policy action, is contained in Chapter 2 of the Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2000.


OECD countries

Australia (73Kb), Austria (62Kb), Belgium (46Kb), Canada (41Kb),

Czech Republic (23Kb), Denmark (33Kb), Finland (35Kb), France (252Kb),

Germany (93Kb), Greece (58Kb), Hungary (64Kb), Iceland (22Kb),

Italy (73Kb), Japan (26Kb), Korea (28Kb), Mexico (39Kb),

Netherlands (36Kb), New Zealand (41Kb), Norway (27Kb), Poland (17Kb),

Portugal (30Kb), Spain (31Kb), Sweden (12Kb), Turkey (27Kb),

UK (25Kb), United States (78Kb)

Non-member countries

South Africa (51Kb)


Latest update 09 October 2000


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