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Sectoral Case Studies in Innovation: Pharmaceutical biotechnology



The specific goals of the case study on pharmaceutical biotechnology are:

i) to investigate characteristics of national innovation systems for pharmaceutical biotechnology, and

ii) to develop recommendations that enhance the effectiveness of policies to encourage the economic performance of the national innovation systems for pharmaceutical biotechnology.

Although the emphasis is on pharmaceutical biotechnology, the study considers the role of the biotechnology sector as a whole in contributing to innovation in the pharmaceutical area. In this respect, the project examines the structure and dynamics of the innovation networks that are formed by public research organisations, biotechnology firms, clinical research organisations, hospitals, medium-sized and large enterprises to generate new knowledge, technologies and products.

It analyses the role of demand side factors in the innovation process: lead markets, product introduction procedures and other market factors that can influence innovation patterns (such as ethical concerns and public debates over biotechnology products).

It identifies systemic imperfections that are related to interactions between actors and the absence or inappropriate functioning of specific elements in the innovation system, with specific emphasis on R&D funding, public-private partnerships, intellectual property rights, product regulation, and the configuration of public health care systems.

The project synthesis report was published in March 2006.


National reports on "Pharmaceutical Biotechnology:


Complementary studies:



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