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Sectoral Case Studies in Innovation: Knowledge Intensive Service Activities (KISA)


The KISA study aims at identifying good practices in the provision, use and integration of KISAs — knowledge-intensive services that are provided either internally or externally to firms in the manufacturing and service sectors and that contribute to innovation processes.

The project attempts to assist governments in assessing the effectiveness of the knowledge-intensive services they provide to firms, considering their effects on capability-building within firms in different industry sectors and the complementary nature of publicly and privately provide services.

The project initially focuses on the software sector and the health care services industry; two other industries will be selected for further empirical analysis. The sectoral studies investigate the policy implications of viewing innovation systems as sets of knowledge-intensive service activities which form links between public and private players. They will map provision of KISA by public, private and hybrid (public-private) organisations in participating countries in the selected sectors. It  investigates empirically how firms learn and build innovation capability through the use and integration of KISA.

The synthesis report of this project was published in March 2006.





Renewed resource-based industries:

Leisure and Tourism:




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