Science, technology and innovation policy

Recommendation of the OECD Council concerning Access to Research Data from Public Funding


On 20 January 2021, the OECD Council adopted a revised Council Recommendation on Access to Research Data from Public Funding. The legal instrument, in force since 2006, has been updated to address new technologies and policy developments, and provides policy guidance in seven areas shown in the figure below. In addition, the revision expands the scope to cover not only research data, but also related metadata, as well as bespoke algorithms, workflows, models, and software (including code), which are essential for their interpretation. 



Case studies

The analytical report Enhanced Access to Publicly Funded Data for Science, Technology and Innovation summarises the analysis which underpins the text of the revised Recommendation.

It is based on a survey of policy practices in the domain of access to data, two expert workshops and policy case studies:


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