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NIS (Phase III): Focus Group on Human Resources and Mobility


Focus Group on Human Resources and Mobility

Lead country: Norway

Contact person: Anders Ekeland , STEP Group


To analyse the role of the mobility of human resources in the circulation of knowledge within a NIS. The work will follow three lines:

  • Benchmarking of internal mobility rates across the participating countries
  • A study of international mobility in terms of brain drain and gain
  • Recommendations for the development of relevant indicators
Sub-activity on Nordic mobility
Additional papers
Meeting of 26-27 October 2000, Paris
Meeting of 15-16 June 2000, Rome
Meeting of 6-7 April 2000, Budapest

Minutes of the meeting

Kick-off workshop, 10 December 1999, Paris

Minutes of the meeting

Presentations by participants:

Results from the previous phase