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Innovation in Energy Technology: Comparing National Innovation Systems at the Sectoral Level


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ISBN Number: 92-64-01407-1
Publication Date: 28/02/2006
Pages: 326

Innovation in Energy Technology:
Comparing National Innovation Systems at the Sectoral Level

Innovation in energy technology is becoming increasingly important to meet growing demand for energy amidst concern about the security of energy supplies and calls for greater environmental protection. Governments across the OECD are investing considerable sums in R&D on new energy technologies, such as fuel cells, and seeking ways to speed their deployment and smooth the transition to a more sustainable, hydrogen-based economy. What steps are they taking? What lessons can be learned from the experiences of other countries? How do energy innovation systems differ among countries and how can policy account for such differences?

This report reviews efforts under way in a number of OECD countries to advance innovation in energy technology, with a particular focus on hydrogen fuel cells. It compares energy innovation systems in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, the United Kingdom and United States to identify the roles of government, industry, universities and other public research organisations in the innovation process. It also examines the policies governments are implementing to finance needed research and development and to stimulate market demand for innovative energy technologies. The report forms part of a larger effort to compare innovation processes in different industry sectors and technological fields to provide policy guidance and to more fully elaborate the national innovation systems approach to policy making.

Table of contents

Executive Summary (English) - available for free download
Chapter 1. Synthesis of Main Findings (English)
Résumé (French) - available for free download
Chapitre 1. Synthèse des principales conclusions (French)
Country Studies:
Chapter 2. Canada: Fuel Cells
Chapter 3. France: Fuel Cells
Chapter 4. Germany: Fuel Cells
Chapter 5. Italy: Fuel Cells
Chapter 6. Japan: Fuel Cells
Chapter 7. Korea: Fuel Cells and Photovoltaics
Chapter 8. Norway: Fuel Cells
Chapter 9. Norway: Upstream Oil and Gas
Chapter 10. United Kingdom: Fuel Cells
Chapter 11. United States: Automotive Fuel Cells
Chapter 12. United States: Stationary Fuel Cells
Chapter 13. United States: Advanced Turbine System
Annex A. Types of Fuel Cells and Their Applications
Annex B. International Conference on Innovation in Energy Technologies: Programme

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