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Eco-Innovation in Industry: Enabling Green Growth


Pages: 276
ISBN 978-92-64-07721-8
Published: Jan. 2010



Eco-innovation will be a key driver of industry efforts to tackle climate change and realise “green growth” in the post-Kyoto era. Eco-innovation calls for faster introduction of breakthrough technologies and for more systemic application of available solutions, including non-technological ones. It also offers opportunities to involve new players, develop new industries and increase competitiveness. Structural change in economies will be imperative in coming decades.

This book presents the research and analysis carried out during the first phase of the OECD Project on Sustainable Manufacturing and Eco-innovation. Its aim is to provide benchmarking tools on sustainable manufacturing and to spur eco-innovation through better understanding of innovation mechanisms. It reviews the concepts and forms an analytical framework; analyses the nature and processes of eco-innovation; discusses existing sustainable manufacturing indicators; examines methodologies for measuring eco-innovation; and takes stock of national strategies and policy initiatives for eco-innovation.


This book is part of the OECD Innovation Strategy and is also one of the first contributions to the OECD Green Growth Strategy.

Table of contents

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Executive Summary (download pdf)

Chapter 1. Framing Eco-innovation: The Concept and the Evolution of Sustainable Manufacturing

Chapter 2. Applying Eco-innovation: Examples from Three Sectors

Chapter 3. Tracking Performance: Indicators for Sustainable Manufacturing

Chapter 4. Measuring Eco-innovation: Existing Methods for Macro-Level Analysis

Chapter 5. Promoting Eco-innovation: Government Strategies and Policy Initiatives in Ten OECD Countries

Chapter 6. Looking Ahead: Key Findings and Prosepcts for Future Work on Sustainable Manufacturing and Eco-innovation


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