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Workshop on Shipbuilding and the Offshore Industry


On 24 November 2014, the OECD Council Working Party on Shipbuilding (WP6) hosted this workshop at OECD Headquarters in Paris. It was attended by representatives of OECD and Partner governments, industry associations, shipbuilding and marine equipment firms, industry experts and trade union representatives.

The purpose of the workshop was to better understand this increasingly important market segment for the shipbuilding industry. The WP6 was particularly interested in understanding the scope and limitations for reorientation of shipyards towards offshore vessels and the lessons learnt from recent diversification strategies.


Session 1: Current situation and trends in the offshore market

This session set the scene by focusing on the current market situation of global shipbuilding.

1A: Introduction to the offshore industry
Keynote presentation by Mr. Steve Robertson, Director, Douglas-Westwood Ltd.

1B: Presentation of the main outcome of the 25-26 June 2014 Workshop on Offshore Oil and Gas: the New Frontiers
Mr. Barrie Stevens, OECD Secretariat, in charge of the OECD project on the Future of the Ocean Economy and Mr. Antoine Borelli, Managing Partner of d2m Group, lead speaker at the June 2014 Workshop on Offshore Oil and Gas: the New Frontiers

1C: Presentation on offshore wind energy prospects
Mr. Sam Anson, Head of the Marine Analytical Unit of The Scottish Government

1D: The roles of shipyards and equipment manufacturers in the offshore industry
Presentation by Mr. Douwe Cunningham, Secretary General of SEA Europe.


Session 2: Experiences and views of market players

2A: Views on demand: Operators in offshore oil development
Presentation by Mr. Jérôme Sabathier, Head of Economic and Environmental Evaluation Department, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), the French oil and new energy industry association

2B: Views on supply: Shipbuilding companies
Mr. Raimon Strunck, Vice-President Sales, Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG)
Mr. Yonghui Zhang, Vice Director, China Institute of Marine Technology & Economy

2C: Views on supply: Marine supplies industry
Presentation by Mr. Joachim Brodda, Managing Partner, BALance Technology Consulting

2D: Views on business structure: The example of ship-building/repair activities
Presentation of the role of offshore for shipbuilding/repair activities by Mr. Jerzy Czuczman Director of Forum Okretowe the Association of Polish Maritime Industries.

2E: Views on the offshore sector by the Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC)
Presentation by Mr. Kan Matsuzaki, Director ICT, Electrical and Electronics / Shipbuilding and Shipbreaking at IndustriALL Global Union on behalf of the Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the OECD.

2F: Funding issues: Financial institutions
Presentation by Mr. Johan Edv. Mowinckel, Assistant Managing Director, Market Analysis and International Relations at the Norwegian Export Credit Agency (GIEK).

2G: What prospects for shipyards in the offshore industry
Presentation by Mr. Toshifumi Kokubun, Partner, Global Management Institute, Deloitte.


Session 3: Concluding remarks



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