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Measuring Globalisation: OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators 2005


Update: New edition published in September 2010

ISBN: 9264012389
Published: Nov. 2005
Pages: 198
Number of graphs:  245


OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators is the first OECD publication on this subject. It presents the main indicators proposed in the OECD Handbook on Economic Globalisation Indicators, the objective of which is to gauge the intensity and magnitude of the globalisation process. The areas covered by the Handbook and this publication include capital movements and foreign direct investment, the economic activity of multinational enterprises, the internationalisation of technology, and international trade.With over 240 figures,  OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators helps identify the economic activities of member countries that are under foreign control, and more particularly the contribution of multinational enterprises to growth, employment, productivity, labour compensation, research and development, technology diffusion and international trade.These indicators shed new light on financial, technological and trade interdependencies within OECD countries.

The Excel™ spreadsheets used to create the tables and charts in this book are available via the StatLinks printed in this book.

Table of contents

Executive Summary
Part I. International Transactions of OECD Countries

A. International Trade and Investment Flows
B. Foreign Direct Investment

Part II. The Economic Activity of Multinationals

C. The Activity of Multinationals in the Manufacturing Sector
D. The Activity of Multinationals in the Services Sector
E. Comparison between the Activity of Foreign Affiliates in the Manufacturing Sector and in the Services Sector
F. The Contribution of Multinationals to Value Added and Labour Productivity in the Manufacturing and Services Sectors

Part III. The Internationalisation of Technology

G. The Internationalisation of Industrial R&D
H. the International Diffusion of Technology

Part IV. Aspects of Trade Globalisation

I. Trends in International Trade in Goods and Services
J. Intra-Frim Trade of Multinational Enterprises

Annex. Main OECD Databases Used

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