Industry and globalisation

86th Session of the Steel Committee, Paris, 25-26 March 2019


Chair's Statement


Outlook for the world economy and the global steel market

World economy and industry outlook

Presentation by the Secretariat of the Economics Department on the world economic situation and the latest OECD forecasts for the global economy.

Presentation by IHS on the outlook for key steel-using sectors.


Global steel market outlook

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the global steel market situation.
  • Presentation by the World Steel Association on the short-term outlook demand outlook and the implications of the circular economy and other megatrends for long-term steel demand.


Steelmaking capacity developments

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the latest developments in steelmaking capacity.

  • Presentation by Mr. James King on investment activity taking place globally and the long-term implications for capacity.



Regional steel market developments: reports by industry


Steel trade and policy developments

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the update of the latest developments in steel trade policies. 
  • The Secretariat of the Trade and Agriculture Directorate informed the Committee of work by the Working Party of the OECD Trade Committee on trade distorting measures in steel and steelmaking raw materials.
  • Presentation by Canada on the development of a digital tracing system for steel inputs and products. 


Latest developments in steelmaking capacity: interim report

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the latest developments in steelmaking capacity.


Subsidies and other forms of government support

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on overview of the work towards developing a database of subsidies and other forms of government support measures in the steel sector.


Policy interventions, steel capacity and trade

  • The Secretariat introduced a scoping paper on the topic, identifying the main policy issues, the objectives and the plan of the work.

Steel and the environment: recent technological developments

  • Presentation by Hannes Mac Nulty, Sustainable Energy Expert, on developing the business case for behaviour changes and technology solutions that contribute to sustainable practices.
  • Presentation by the International Energy Agency (IEA) on the Global Iron & Steel Technology Roadmap.
  • Update by the OECD Environment Directorate on the Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum.
  • National/regional steel associations  EUROFER and JISF


More OECD work on steel