Industry and globalisation

67th Session of the Steel Committee


The global steel industry is emerging from one its worst downturns in decades. Despite some improvement in market conditions, the steel industry still faces challenging years ahead. 


Senior government officials and industry representatives from major steel-producing economies met in Paris on 10-11 December 2009 in the context of the OECD Steel Committee. They assessed current and future conditions in the steel industry, industry and government responses to changing trends, the impacts of trade-related measures, and environmental issues.



Below you will find presentations that were given at the meeting:


Item on the world economic situation

  • OECD - Presentation on the economic outlook


Item on steel markets and related developments

  • OECD - Presentation on possible trends in the capacity-demand imbalance
  • World Steel Association - Presentation on its short range outlook



Item on the future of Steel

  • OECD - Introduction on the future of steel
  • THYSSENKRUPP - Basic principles and general lessons
  • GERDAU - Overcapacity and unfair trade: The threats for a healthy steel industry
  • ARCELORMITTAL - The global steel industry and role of governments
  • NIPPON STEEL - Steel beyond the crisis
  • BAOSTEEL - Challenges and wishes of the steel industry in China
  • US STEEL - Future of steel: The global steel industry beyond 2020


Item on Steel trade policy developments

  • OECD - Investigating the effects of trade remedy action on steel trade flows
  • TURKEY - Developments in the metallics market and its effect on the global steel industry
  • OECD - Summary report on the workshop on raw materials
  • OECD - Recent trends in steel trade and related policy measures


Item on Steel and the environment

  • World Steel Association - Climate Change
  • IEA - Roadmap initiative and cement roadmap
  • JISF - Japanese steel industry initiatives to challenge global warming
  • American Iron and Steel institute - The steel sector addressing global warming
  • EU - EU position for the UN FCCC summit in Copenhagen 2009 
  • IEA - Iron and Steel Roadmap (Draft proposal) 


Chairman's statement




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