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102nd meeting of the Council Working Party on Shipbuilding - Paris, 24 July 2006


The Council Working Party on Shipbuilding (WP6) met on 24 July 2006 for the first time since its activities were suspended in late 2002 in order to facilitate the negotiation of a new Shipbuilding Agreement.  Those negotiations were paused in September 2005 for an unspecified period.

At its 102nd meeting, WP6 members discussed a number of issues aimed generally at re-starting the work of the Working Party, and lay the groundwork for its Programme of Work for the period to the end of 2008.

More specifically, the Working Party considered the following items:

Draft Programme of Work (PoW) 2007-2008

The Working Party approved a draft Programme of Work for the biennium 2007-2008.  The main elements of this PoW were:

  • Examination and analysis of subsidies and other support measures.
  • Analysis of the structure of the world shipbuilding industry and practices in ship financing.
  • Two reports detailing the structure and developments in the shipbuilding industries in selected countries/territories.
  • Analytical reports on shipbuilding supply, demand and prices.
  • Review and updating of the Sector Understanding on Export Credits for Ships.
  • Workshop on shipbuilding developments and policies with non-OECD members.

Draft Global Relations Strategy

The Working Party approved for transmission to the OECD Council a strategy to guide its future working relationships with non-OECD economies with significant shipbuilding industry.  The main thrust of this strategy was to encourage closer working relations with those economies, in order to ensure that the deliberations of the Working Party are as representative as possible, for the benefit of workers, companies and governments across the entire shipbuilding industry.

Workshop with non-members December 2006

As a step towards the implementation of its Global Relations Strategy, the Working Party agreed to a proposal to hold a Workshop with non-member economies to be held in Paris on 18-19 December 2006.  As this will be the first such Workshop since 2001 (although a number of non-OECD economies actively participated in the negotiations on a new Shipbuilding Agreement held between 2002 and 2005) the theme for the Workshop will be to take a stock-take of developments over that period, both at government and industry levels, and to consider where the sector is headed in the near future.

The principal themes at the Workshops will cover:

i)  Changes in the policy landscape since 2001 and the future outlook.

ii) A snapshot of the shipbuilding industry and its future prospects.

iii) Impact of technological and environmental developments on the industry.

Sector Understanding on Export Credits for Ships

WP6 Delegates considered a range of issues associated with the possible updating and modernisation of the Understanding, which forms part of the OECD’s broader Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits – see also the OECD's work on Export Credits.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Council Working Party on Shipbuilding will be held in Paris on 18 December 2006, and will be held in conjunction with the Workshop with non-OECD economies.

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