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Innovation, higher education and research policy

Studies in Higher Education Volume 38,Special issue: Research Universities: Networking the Knowledge Economy 
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Case study on Pan-Africa University
David Woods, Paulos Chanie, Anshu Padayachee and Åsa Olsson

Challenges and opportunities to increase knowledge production 
Nico Cloete

Public funding to research and innovation

Public research funding instruments and modalities
Merle Jacob

Centres of excellence as a tool for capacity building: Synthesis report 
Tomas Hellström

Case studies on centres of excellence

Case study on the African research grants
David Woods, Paulos Chanie, Anshu Padayachee and Åsa Olsson

Typology of public research funding systems
George Chorafakis

Case studies on public research funding systems

  • Australia: Francis Patrick Larkins
  • Brazil: Renato Pedrosa
  • Canada: Janet Halliwell
  • France: Mickael Benaim
  • India and Malaysia: Venni V. Krishna
  • Russia: Dirk Meissner
  • Sweden: Merle Jacob
  • Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda: Julius Mugwagwa

Institutional governance and management

Gaps in research and innovation management at policy and institutional levels: Synthesis report
Åsa Olsson and Lynn Meek (Eds.)

Effectiveness of research and innovation management at policy and institutional levels in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam 
Åsa Olsson and Lynn Meek (Eds.)

Research and innovation management: comparative analysis of Ghana, Kenya, Uganda 
James Otieno Jowi, Milton Obamba

Governance of higher education, research and innovation in Ghana, Kenya and Uganda
James Otieno Jowi (Ed.)

Strengthening knowledge production in universities: Five South African case studies
Nico Cloete and Ian Bunting

Development assistance to innovation, higher education and research

The evolving path for strengthening research and innovation policy for development
Åsa Olsson and Natalie Cooke

A review of Canadian support for capacity development initiatives that support research in developing countries
Janet Halliwell

Funding instruments and modalities in Swedish development assistance
Åsa Olsson 

Reports from Expert meetings

Universities Networking the Knowledge Economy
Mary-Louise Kearney

Proceedings of the expert meeting on implementing research and innovation policy at policy and institutional levels in Africa  
Abiy Daniel 

Synthesis report of the expert meeting on the effectiveness of research and development at policy and institutional levels in Francophone Africa (French)
Benjamin Buclet and Fanny Essayie





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