Digital economy

Workshop Programme and Presentations



Mr. John Dryden, Head of Division, OECD, DSTI
Mr. Herwig Schlögl, Deputy Secretary General OECD


Defining and Measuring E-commerce: issues for discussion Ms. Alessandra Colecchia, Administrator, OECD [ presentation ] Session I: The Business Perspective


Chair: Mr. Luigi Gambardella, Institutional Affairs, Olivetti


Implementing & Measuring Success of Global E-Business Programs Mr. Ian Wilson, Director Internet and E-commerce for Europe, Middle East and Africa, INTEL

Measuring Business on the Internet: Research and Findings Regarding I-Commerce Mr. Timothy Simcoe, Ernst & Young Center for Business Innovation, One Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA, US [ presentation ]

Internet Infrastructure Indicators Sam Paltridge, Administrator, OECD, ICCP [ presentation ]


Discussion Lead discussant: Claudine Schmuck, Observatoire du Commerce Electronique


Chair: Mr. Risaburo Nezu, Director, OECD, Science, Technology and Industry


ICTs, Business and Electronic Commerce: Data Requirements for Policy Development Mr. Richard Simpson, Director General Task Force on Electronic Commerce, Industry Canada Powerpoint presentations, English [ part 1 ] [ part 2 ] [ part 3 ]; French [ part 1 ] [ part 2 ] [ part 3 ]

The "Lorentz" EC Task Force and the Measurement of Electronic Commerce Mr. Daniel Kaplan, Mission pour le commerce électronique , France [presentation, Eng , Fre ]

New industrial and business paradigms and the measurement of e-commerce Mr. Bror Salmelin, Head of Unit for Electronic Commerce, DGXIII, European Commission


Discussion Lead discussant: Richard Hawkins, Science and Policy Research Unit (SPRU) , University of Sussex


Chair: Mr. Graeme Fraser-Watson, Director Market Intelligence, EMEA, IBM

Electronic Commerce - IDC Definitions & Methodologies Mr. Stefan Elmer, Analyst, International Data Corporation, Denmark [ presentation ]

Measuring Internet Growth Mr. Joe Sawyer, Analyst, European New Media Strategies, Forrester Research , Netherlands [ presentation ]

Estimates of E-commerce impact multipliers on economic and employment growth Ms. Gabriella Cattaneo, International B.U. supervisor, Databank Consulting , Italy presentation [ part 1 ] [ part 2 ] [ part 3 ]


Discussion Lead discussant: Andrew Wyckoff, Head of Division, OECD, EAS


Chair: Mr. Charles-Louis Kincannon, Director, OECD, Statistics Department


Challenges in Measuring E-commerce Ms. B.K. Atrostic, Senior Economist and Liason to Demographic Programs, Office of the Chief Economist, Bureau of the Census , USA

Measuring E-commerce as part of ICT Usage Survey ' Danish Experiences from a Nordic Approach Mr. Peter Bøegh Nielsen, Head of Division, Services Statistics, Statistics Denmark [ presentation ]

Measuring Electronic Commerce Mr. Fred Gault, Director of the Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division, Statistics Canada [ presentation ]


Discussion Lead discussant: Ms. Fabiola Riccardini, ISTAT , Italy [ presentation ]


Summary and concluding remarks by Prof. Richard Hawkins, Science and Policy Research Unit (SPRU) , University of Sussex


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