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Expert Workshop on The Role of Internet Intermediaries in Advancing Public Policy Objectives (Paris, 16 June 2010)


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Expert workshop on Internet intermediaries of 16 June 2010

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In the 2008 Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy , Ministers invited the OECD to “examine the role of various actors, including intermediaries, in meeting goals for the Internet Economy”.

The goal of this June 2010 OECD Workshop on “The Role of Internet Intermediaries in Advancing Public Policy Objectives” was to discuss and identify best practices and lessons learned from experience to date of Internet intermediaries in advancing public policy objectives. In particular, the Workshop identified:

  • the roles and responsibilities that Internet intermediaries are undertaking for actions by users of their platforms; 
  • where they exist, the nature and extent of these responsibilities and; 
  • their positive and negative implications.

Guiding themes for the workshop were the dynamics of economics, responsibility, accountability and trust that help to ensure a balance between economic, social and technological tensions, as well as the necessary dialogue between Internet intermediaries and other private-sector stakeholders, policy makers, civil society and consumer representatives, and well as end users.

The workshop was supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration and Reform. It brought together more than 30 speakers to debate and brainstorm issues. Participants were experts in their fields from a broad range of disciplines and areas of expertise, including the technical and academic communities, policy-makers, and private sector representatives. Selected participants were invited to contribute a position paper (up to one page) in advance of the meeting. During each session the moderator invited selected participants to respond to one or two lead-off questions or issues raised in their position paper. Following these interventions, the floor was opened to all speakers for discussion and then to the floor. PowerPoint presentations were discouraged to foster interactive discussion.



Workshop position papers


Session on the introduction to the role of Internet intermediaries in advancing public policy objectives

  • Lilian Edwards, Professor of Internet Law at the University of Sheffield [pdf - 652 KB] 
  • Jean Bergevin, Head of Unit, Retail and Information Services, Directorate General for the Internal Market and Services, European Commission [pdf - 680 KB]


Balancing overarching goals of creativity and free flow of information with other policy objectives

  • Susan Morgan, Executive Director, Global Network Initiative [pdf - 649 KB] 
  • Daniel Weitzner, Associate Administrator, Office of Policy Analysis and Development, Commerce Department, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) [pdf - 994 KB]


The role of Internet intermediaries in strengthening cybersecurity

  • Rohan Buettel, Assistant Secretary Networks Regulation, Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Australia [pdf - 391 KB]
  • Sven Karge, Head of Content Department , eco, Association of the German Internet Industry [pdf - 1182 KB]
  • Ari Schwartz, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Center for Democracy and Technology [pdf - 399 KB]
  • Cornelia Kutterer, Senior Policy Counsel, Microsoft  [pdf - 657 KB]


The role of Internet intermediaries in protecting privacy

  • Yong Wan Ju, Vice President of KISA (Korea Internet and Security Agency) [pdf - 403 KB]
  • Anna Fielder, CSISAC steering committee member/ Privacy International Board of Directors [pdf - 402 KB]


The role of Internet intermediaries in protecting intellectual property rights

  • Mita Mitra, Manager, Internet & New Media Regulation, British Telecom
    [pdf - 401 KB]
  • Gwen Hinze, International Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation  [pdf - 407 KB]


The role of Internet intermediaries in protecting consumers (fraud, dispute resolution)

  • Stefan Krawczyk, Senior Director and Counsel Government Relations Europe, eBay [pdf - 414 KB]
  • Valentim Oliveira, Chief Security Officer, SIBS “Forward Payment Solutions” [pdf - 663 KB]
  • Marzena Lipman, Senior Policy Advocate, Consumer Focus [pdf - 404 KB]

Assesment and lessons learned

  • Eric Goldman, Associate Professor of Law, Santa Clara University School of Law. Representative of the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council (CSISAC) to the OECD ICCP Committee  [pdf - 413 KB]


Other position papers

  • Michael Busch, Directorate-General for Information Society and Media, European Commission [pdf - 682 KB] 


Speakers' profiles




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