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Cryptography is one of the technological means to provide security for data on information and communications systems. It can be used to protect the confidentiality of data, such as financial or personal data, whether that data is in storage or in transit.Cryptography can also be used to verify the integrity of data by revealing whether data has been altered and identifying the person or device that sent it.

These techniques are critical to the development and use of national and global information and communications networks and technologies, as well as the development of electronic commerce. 

The OECD Recommendation Concerning Guidelines for Cryptography Policy were adopted on 27 March 1997 to "promote the use of cryptography without unduly jeopardising public safety, law enforcement, and national security". 

Reviews conducted every five year since their adoption concluded that they continue to be adequate to address the issues and purpose for which they were developed.

‌Recommendation of the Council concerning Guidelines for Cryptography Policy


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