Digital economy

Conference on the evolution of news delivery: opportunities and challenges


United Kingdom/OECD Conference

London, UK


This event has been postponed until further notice


The economics of news production and distribution is being radically altered, and in particular the economic crisis has accelerated structural changes and amplified declines of established newspapers. However many different forms of news creation and distribution are emerging, powered by new information and communication technologies, decentralised content creation and broad-based-participation. The rise of the Internet and other technologies radically changes how news is produced and diffused. It enables the entry of new intermediaries that create and distribute news, including online news aggregators, online news publishers, mobile news actors, citizen journalism and many more. Information providers with very different trajectories (TV, newspapers and Internet companies) are now competing head-to-head in a global online news environment.


This conference aims to analyse these trends and examine implications for public policy.  



Please note that due to circumstances beyond the control of the OECD and the UK government, this event has been postponed until further notice.



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