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APEC-OECD Joint Symposium on Initiatives among Member Economies Promoting Safer Internet Environment for Children


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This APEC-OECD joint symposium was held in the context of APEC TEL 39.

hosted in Singapore

15 April 2009

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Summary Report (pdf)


Agenda and presentations

Opening statement

  • Jinhyun Cho, APEC-TEL SPSG Convenor
  • Keith Besgrove, OECD/ICCP/WPISP Chair


Introduction:  Children in the online environment


Session 1: Policy frameworks promoting a safer Internet for children

Session Chair

Keith Besgrove, OECD, ICCP, WPISP Chair

Speakers and Panellists

Session 2: Best practices to address illegal/harmful content and education and awareness

Session Chair

Mr. Jinhyun Cho, APEC-TEL SPSG Convenor 

Speakers and Panellists


Summary of discussion

  • Keith Besgrove, OECD/ICCP/WPISP Chair
  • Mr. Jinhyun Cho, APEC-TEL SPSG Convenor 

Closing statement

  • Masao Horibe, Emeritus Professor, Hitotsubashi University


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