Infrastructure to 2030

Infrastructure to 2030: Telecom, Land Transport, Water and Electricity


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ISBN: 9264023984
June 2006
Pages: 355

Infrastructure to 2030:Telecom, Land Transport, Water and Electricity

International Futures Programme:

Infrastructures are the very foundation of modern economies and societies.  Energy, transport, water, telecommunications, all will continue to be essential to future development and growth.  However, infrastructure investment requirements over the coming decades will be massive, running into trillions of dollars.  The bulk of investment will be in the developing world, especially in the major economies such as China, India and Brazil. 


The second volume "Infrastructure to 2030: Mapping Policy for Electricity, Water and Transport" was published in 2007.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: A cross-sectoral perspective on the development of global infrastructures to 2030
by Barrie Stevens, Pierre-Alain Schieb and Michel Andrieu

Chapter 2: Telecoms Infrastructure to 2030
by Erik Bohlin, Simon Forge and Colin Blackman

Chapter 3: Outlook for Global Investment in Electricity Infrastructure
by Trevor Morgan

Chapter 4: Key Factors Driving the Future Demand for Surface Transport Infrastructure and Services
by David Stambrook

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: The impacts of change on the long-term future demand for water sector infrastructureby Richard Ashley and Adrian Cashman  
by Richard Ashley and Adrian Cashman

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