Emerging technologies

The Impacts of Nanotechnology on Companies: Policy Insights from Case Studies


Pages: 107
ISBN 978-92-64-09463-5
Published: Dec. 2010



What are the potential economic impacts of nanotechnology, how are companies using nanotechnology for innovation, and what are the key challenges in its commercialisation?


These are some of the issues that this book addresses, based on company case studies in several countries. 

Nanotechnology has its origin in the converging abilities of physics, chemistry and materials science. Its purpose is the manipulation of atoms and molecules in order to create new properties of materials and systems for a wide variety of applications in a very broad range of sectors. Nanotechnology is forecast to create large markets and many new jobs and may be the springboard for industrial renewal and long-term growth. Governments around the world have targeted this emerging technology in their R&D investments and are strategising about the best ways to promote the responsible development and use of nanotechnology given the absence of any in-depth analysis of its commercialisation.

Table of contents

  • Executive summary (download pdf)
  • Introduction: The definitions, development and possible economic impacts of nanotechnology
  • Insights from previous studies on nanotechnology developments and commercialisation
  • Insights from the case studies on the impacts of nanotechnology on companies
  • Main findings, policy issues and implications

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