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  • 24-May-2001


    Measuring Expenditure on Health-related R&D

    Science and technology improves human health but the pressure for faster and larger improvements is increasing in this area. A fundamental starting point for better understanding the impact of innovation on health is the measurement of research and development.

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  • 11-July-2000


    Biotechnology Statistics in OECD Member Countries: An Inventory (STI Working Paper 2000/6)

    This working paper summarises the information gathered by the OECD Secretariat as part of its work to obtain an accurate assessment of the current state of biotechnology statistics in OECD member and observer countries.

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  • 1-January-1993

    English, , 8,906kb

    Traditional Crop Breeding Practices

    This publication provides an introduction for the layman to crop breeding practices and to the wealth of centuries-long knowledge and experience on which today's agriculture depends.

  • 1-January-1993

    English, , 5,163kb

    Safety Considerations for Biotechnology Scale-up of Crop Plants

    Following the publication of "Recombinant DNA Safety Considerations" and "Good Developmental Principles for Small-scale Field Research",the OECD Group of National Experts on Safety in Biotechnology further developed safety principles.

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  • 16-July-1986

    English, , 261kb

    Recombinant DNA Safety Considerations

    The focus of this report is on the industrial, agricultural and environmental applications of recombinant DNA engineered organisms because rDNA techniques have developed and progressed to the stage of commercialisation during the last fifteen years.

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