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Forum on Marine Biotechnology, 30-31 May 2012: agenda and presentations


30-31 May 2012, Vancouver, Canada

Agenda and presentations

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Welcome and Introduction

Alan Winter – President & CEO, Genome British Columbia
Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez, Chair, Working Party on Biotechnology, OECD

Keynote Speaker

Tony Haymet, Director Scripps Oceanography, USA, “What is an ocean worth?”


Session 1: Productivity and Sustainability of the Ocean

Chair: Ken Guy, Head of Science and Technology Policy Division, OECD


Curtis Suttle, University of British Columbia, Canada “The vast reservoir of unexplored genetic potential in the ocean”

Paul Snelgrove, Memorial University, Canada, “Sustaining biodiversity for future opportunities”

Jan Pawlowski, University of Geneva, Switzerland, “Ultradeep sequencing as a tool for monitoring deep-sea bottom biodiversity”

Sang Jin Kim, Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute, Korea, “Potential of marine microbes”

Øystein Lie, Oslo Innovation Center, Norway, “Preparing for global food demands by 2050 – living marine resources and marine biotechnology response”

Hans Kristian Kotlar, Statoil ASA, Norway, “Biofuel translation, metagenomics of marine sediments”


Session 2: Development of Infrastructures to Realise the Potential of Marine Biotechnology

Chair: Steve Armstrong,  President & CEO, Genome Atlantic, Canada


Jan Mees, VLIZ, Belgium, "Marine biodiversity knowledge is key to realise the full potential of marine biotechnology: infrastructures for exploration, discovery, access to species, species information and data"

Geoff Burton, Genetic Resources Management, & International Co-operation Jean Shannon & Associates Pty Ltd, Australia “The Nagoya Protocol -The new governance regime for research: Its Impact on ex-situ collections - plus or minus?”

Catherine Boyen, Director of Research at CNRS & Head, Department of Marine Plants and Biomolecules at the Marine Laboratory in Roscoff, France, “From the investigation of marine model species to biotechnological developments, a  knowledge- based approach”


Session 3: Knowledge Mobilization: Sharing Knowledge for Global Benefit

Chair: Rachael Ritchie, Policy Analyst, OECD, France


Steve Hallam, University of British Columbia, Canada “Oceans of Information”

Laura Giuliano, Mediterranean Science Commission (CIESM),  “Marine biotechnology perspectives in the Mediterranean – scientific and legal challenges”

Kattia Rosales, INBIO, Costa Rica "Biodiversity conservation through research and access of genetic and biochemical resources in Costa Rica: INBio's approach"

Closing Remarks - Kyung Suk Seo, Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Session 4: Marine Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy / Deriving Value from Marine Biotechnology

Chair: Steinar Bergseth, Special Advisor, The Research Council of Norway (RCN), Norway 


Alejandro Mayer, Department of Pharmacology, Midwestern University, USA, “The global marine pharmaceutical pipeline”

Petter Arnesen, Marine Harvest, Norway, “Food market (value / potential)  - How ocean farming of salmon has become a success story”

You-Jin Jeon, Jeju National University, Korea  “Biomass markets (Value / Potential)”

Ajay Kshatriya, General Manager, BAL Chemicals, “Macroalgae/ bioFuels market (Value / Potential)”


Session 5 : Realising the Promise of Marine Biotechnology – ‘Benefit for the People’

Chair: Alan Winter, President & CEO, Genome British Columbia, Canada 


Kwang Youl Park, Director General for Marine Environment Policy, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea, “Korean Master Plan for Marine Biotechnology”
Jan-Bart Calewaert, The Marine Board, The European Science Foundation (ESF), “The role of Marine Biotechnology in the bioeconomy”


Session 6: The Intersection Between Science, Industry and Society – Enabling the Global Promise of marine biotechnology.  “Grand Challenges”

Chair: Pierre Meulien, President & CEO, Genome Canada, Canada


Martin Taylor, CEO, Oceans Network Canada Observatory, Canada, “Science / Industry / Society”

Kathrine Angell-Hansen, Director, JPI Oceans –The Research Council of Norway,  “JPI Oceans - Solving a grand challenge through international collaboration”

Lyle Glowka, Senior Legal Advisor, Convention of Biological Diversity “Enabling the Global Promise of Marine Biotechnology: Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Emerging Legal Frameworks”


Closing Debate: How to Deliver the Promise: Where to Next?

Chair: Rachael Ritchie, Policy Analyst, OECD, France

Panel discussion: Select speakers from previous sessions

Closing remarks:

Pierre Meulien, President & CEO, Genome Canada

Ken Guy, Head of Science, Technology Policy Division, OECD

Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez, Chair, Working Party on Biotechnology, OECD