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Digital Identity Management and Electronic Authentication


Digital identity management

Digital identity management is fundamental for the further development of the Internet Economy

The management of digital identity has many facets - technical, economic, social and cultural - and is complex to understand and address as a whole. It raises the issue of how to translate the mechanisms through which individuals trust each other as a prerequisite to interaction in the digital world. Managing digital identity is essential for the Internet to operate as a platform for economic development and social progress.


‌“Digital Identity Management: Enabling Innovation and Trust in the Internet Economy” represents the culmination of analytical work by the OECD from 2007-2011 to achieve a shared understanding among government policymakers about digital identity management, its role in the Internet economy and how to develop better public policies in this area.


Electronic authentication

The OECD Recommendation of the Council on Electronic Authentication (12 June 2007) chronicles efforts by Member countries to establish compatible, technology-neutral approaches for effective domestic and cross-border electronic authentication of persons and entities. It should be read in conjunction with the OECD Guidance for Electronic Authentication (2007) which provides policy and practical guidance for the development, implementation and use of electronic authentication products and services as they relate to the authentication of persons and entities.

The Guidance sets out the context and importance of electronic authentication for electronic commerce and electronic government and provides a number of foundation and operational principles that constitute a common denominator for cross-jurisdictional interoperability. It aims to help Member countries and non-Member economies establish or, as appropriate, amend their approaches to electronic authentication with a view to facilitate cross-border co-operation.


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