Consumer policy

Mandate of the OECD Working Party on Consumer Product Safety


The mandate of the Working Party on Consumer Product Safety shall be to promote the safety of consumer products in global markets by:

  • Promoting the exchange of information on product safety within and between economies;
  • Supporting research on product safety issues;
  • Promoting the development of systematic methods for monitoring and assessing developments in consumer product safety, including developments in policy and enforcement;
  • Promoting co-operation between Members and non-Members on product safety issues of mutual interest;
  • Promoting harmonisation of product safety requirements and information collection.

The work shall be carried out in the light of the recommendations contained in the 2010 OECD report on Enhancing Information Sharing on Consumer Product Safety. The scope of the consumer products covered by the Working Party shall not include food or drugs.

In carrying out its mandate, the Working Party should collaborate and cooperate with other international bodies that are carrying out related work on product safety, such as the International Consumer Product Safety Caucus, the Organization of American States and the Asian-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum.

Co-operation and collaboration should also be actively pursued with non-Members, which should be encouraged to become fully engaged as participants in the work.

The Working Party shall report to and consult with the Committee on Consumer Policy concerning its activities on a regular basis.



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